About Megan


trusts immediately and loves without abandon

is constantly striving for perfection

has a huge sweet tooth

is surrounded by the love of 2 adorable little boys and 1 incredibly handsome, supportive man

simply digs this crazy, exciting, whirlwind adventure of being an army wife

wears her heart on her sleeve and whose feelings are easily hurt

isn’t embarrassed to whip her camera out at every. single. event. (just ask her kiddos)

believes a smile and hug from her children is the best remedy for absolutely anything

loves to decorate her house, shop & read

is amazingly proud to be american and proud to show it/flaunt it/scream it from the roof-tops

will make s’mores in the microwave

cries at the drop of a hat, including during hallmark commercials and disney movies

loves to scrapbook and really needs to carve out more time to do it

loves Jesus, working every day to be someone worth dying for. failing miserably and trying again. and again. and again

thinks kids are supposed to get messy. really, really messy

truly should exercise more than she does

is fiercely loyal

pretends your opinion of her doesn’t matter, but it does. a lot

loves a good laugh. and chocolate

thinks every child should own a dog

hangs on to stuff way too long

needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night but rarely gets it

is always looking to meet new friends

will have an impromptu dance party in the family room. by herself

believes in the power of prayer


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