My 365 Project: February Top 5 | Savannah Child Photographer

My 365 Project: February Top 5 | Savannah Child Photographer


It was difficult to choose this month’s favorites. I had it narrowed down to eight and really struggled to pinpoint what I loved about each image and why. I guess that’s a good thing – but when you’re staring at images of your babies those emotions just kick in and you lose your ability to be rational sometimes. Now I know how my clients feel during their viewing appointments. 🙂

This month seemed to focus a lot on the details. I like details because they are often forgotten – and I don’t want to forget.

Without further ado, here’s February’s Top 5, in no particular order.

1. Goldfish


If you have littles, chances are you have goldfish in your house. My kids love them and choose them several times a week for a snack. I know there will come a day when I no longer buy these colorful crackers as they will be seen as too “babyish” or “only for little kids, mom!” I also love that C. is still in his pajamas. These were M.’s and it brings me so much pleasure to pass clothes on to C.

2. Valentines


M. is in kindergarten this year and he didn’t complain once when I asked him to write his own Valentines. He carefully checked the spelling of each friend’s name and dutifully crossed it off the list when finished. M. is doing so much more than I ever did as a child, even more than what kids were learning when I was teaching. I love to listen to him read, work out simple addition problems and now, write. The earnest concentration, sometimes pausing to consider how to write a particular letter and the gradual slope of his handwriting as he grew tired. I’d probably be remiss if I didn’t mention his eyelashes, too. So unfair. 😉

3. Curl


I have naturally curly hair and M. did too, at birth. His hair eventually fell out and grew back blonde and straight. I have to admit I was a little disappointed because I think curls are just fabulous on boys. Thankfully C. has kept just a hint of his mama’s locks. He’s also a hair-twirler … when he’s tired or needing to self-comfort … and this little pop of hair always has this perfect, simple curl.

4. Waking Up


It’s the first thing I hear every morning. The quick pitter-patter of feet, although the sound seems to grow louder by the day. Oftentimes I’m awake, just lying in bed thinking about my day ahead, or already showered and dressed when the familiar sound comes calling. But even when I’m fast asleep the drumming permeates my dreams and I can’t help but smile. To feel my heart swell with warmth, knowing that their toes will perch just outside my warm cocoon and then dive under the blankets and snuggle close, bringing a dash of cold air with them. For now, those precious feet lead my children to me. I want to remember because I know there will be day those same feet take my loves away.

5. Beebo


If you’re familiar with Sandra Boynton (love, love, love her!) than you know all about beebos and we go crazy over beebos in our house! To me, belly buttons are such a perfect piece of childhood – playful, innocent and insanely ticklish – before they become buried under the weight of stress and adulthood. There are a number of things I adore about this image. The lighting, C.’s chubby preschool fingers, and yes, even the diaper peeking out from atop his pants (ugh, don’t judge … potty training has been a nightmare. I just keep telling myself that he won’t go to high school in pull-ups, so we’re good for now).  I admit that to you it may only be a “belly button,” but to me, it’s another simple detail that will fade from my sight and recollection, no matter how hard I fight not to let go.

Thanks for sharing these moments with me.


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