My 365 Project : May Top 5 | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

My 365 Project : May Top 5 | Richmond Hill Child Photographer


Yikes! It’s already July and I am just now getting around to posting my favorite May 365 images. I never imagined that my summer would be busier than when my kiddos are in school!

I have to admit I am super proud of myself for making it this far. Yes, I have missed a few days here and there, but for the most part I am picking up my camera daily and trying to capture something meaningful, fun or artistic. Even though the pressure to “perform” gets to me at times I am relishing in the challenge.

Without further ado, here are May’s Top 5 images in no particular order.

1. Bookworm

My youngest loves to read. He will often randomly bring me books to read him throughout the day and in the past few months has taken it upon himself to read alone. It’s such a sweet sight to capture him engrossed in a book, so much so that he often doesn’t even realize I’m there taking his picture. I imagine I will have many more images like this of him … quiet, innocent and rested.


2. Lazy summer

I adore this image of M. The warm, peachy tones, soft haze and room washed with sunlight remind me so much of summer. I opted to leave M.’s obvious farmer’s tan alone. My fair haired kids have their first “real” tan this year and I don’t ever want to forget the soft dividing lines on their gentle skin, reminiscent of my own summers in a backyard pool.


3. Hoping for a snack

Our two dogs are ancient and they have had much practice in the art of begging. Although for our black lab, Zoe, it is definitely more of a sneak attack then a patient wait. If you aren’t looking she will go in for the kill. Many a cracker has been unwillingly yanked from the chubby hands of my kiddos, who grow so easily distracted by events unfolding around them. Unfortunately for the dogs, M. & C. are becoming older and wiser, as depicted by this image. I love the gorgeous light in this image, my two old dogs eyeing C. hopefully and the fact that C. is hanging out in only his underwear (again). 😉


4. Lashes

This one was an easy pick. Since the day he was born, M. has had the most amazing lashes. Why on Earth God would want to “waste” those lashes on a boy is beyond me, but I can’t help but envy my son’s. One of our favorite things to do is to give each other “butterfly kisses” … his lashes make that task as easy as pie.

Sigh. He’s just beautiful.


5. Mid-game consult

Ok, so I kind of fibbed. I said the images are in no particular order, but that isn’t quite true. This is my favorite for the month.

M. played T-Ball this year and if your child has ever played, then you know what complete chaos it is. Kids are constantly shuffling around, huge mobs of players race to be the first to grab the ball and there is always a large influx of parent “helpers” on the field. To add to all the mayhem, C. would constantly run onto the field to chat with M., give him a hug or offer a word of brotherly advice. My boys are only 2 years and 3 months apart and they are so, so close. I hope it stays that way.

I knew I had a gem as soon as I clicked the shutter.

Don’t you love it when that happens?


Well, there you have it! Another month gone, it’s hard to believe. Thanks so much for following me along on this journey. I appreciate all the love and support.

See you soon.


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