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Lucy senior session

5 Things Your Photographer Shouldn’t Do | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

We know you have a TON of options when it comes to hiring a professional photographer and there’s a lot to consider: style, availability, location, and cost. I am all about educating both my potential and actual clientele, so here’s a list of 5 things I think your photographer shouldn’t do. Which one is most important to you?

Lucy senior session
Here at MMP, we WON’T (and think other photographers shouldn’t do these either):

1. Tell you to “just move around and pose”

We will actually SHOW YOU how to pose and even do it with you and take the time to get it right! We certainly don’t expect you to just know how to pose on your own. We also want to make sure you feel like YOU in your photos, so we actually watch for natural mannerisms and pose you off those and your personality. Many times during a session I will catch my clients doing something very natural and I’ll stop to capture it!

2. Show up and start shooting without a plan

Even if you don’t have a wardrobe consultation with me before your session, we’ll still have a consultation on the day of your session! After your makeup and hair are done, we’ll go through all of the outfits you brought, finalize which ones will be photographed, decide an order for your outfits and which locations they’ll be photographed at, and make a plan for accessories for each outfit. Before we step out the door for our shoot, we’ll have a solid plan for the entire session!

3. Edit away what makes you, YOU

At MMP, we refuse to edit away your pores, freckles, and beauty marks. We won’t “size you down” or throw filters at your images that represent false colors. You are perfect just the way you are… let us help you realize that with stunning skin texture and tone, your true shape, and the real tones & colors from your session day.

4. Expect you to know how to prep for your session

We won’t throw you to the wolves when it comes to preparing for your session. Did you know that we give you TONS of pre-session education to help you prep for your big day?!? We will help you with your skin, nails, and wardrobe so that you’ll be picture-perfect for your session day with us!

5. Won’t leave you with just digital images

Gah! We here at MMP feel it is such a DISSERVICE to send you off with just digital files. To us, it would be like a professional chef not using any seasoning or not beautifully plating a meal. Yes, digital files are important, but they are not the most important. We have an incredible array of products to choose from to help you display your images in a way that best fits your needs and aesthetic.

If you’d like this kind of attention to detail, we’d love to chat! Our spring calendar is filling up fast! Message us here or call the studio at 912.200.5284 for more information or to schedule.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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