6 Qualities That Make an Image Beautiful | Richmond Hill Photographer

6 Qualities That Make an Image Beautiful | Richmond Hill Photographer

Have you ever wondered what makes a photo stand out and stir certain emotions in you when you look at it? Of course, pictures of your family and places you love will naturally give you warm fuzzies or leave you in awe, but there are also very specific elements in great images that help bring them to life and make you take a second look.

qualities that make an image beautiful
  1. Lighting. When a photograph has beautiful lighting it gives off a certain mood and highlights the most important aspects. Light is an incredible tool so using natural light from an open window or door or even a soft artificial light can make all the difference.  
  2. Backdrops. While focusing on a specific person in a photo is how we naturally take photos, that person is only a part of the greater whole. Your background and any other objects in a photo all make up the structure and scene that draw you into that moment.
  3. Textures. A good quality photo will usually allow you to pick up on certain textures such as a pair of woolly socks or the texture in a heavy wooden door.
  4. Perspective. Sometimes the most beautiful photos are taken from a different perspective such as getting down to a toddler’s level at a birthday party or taking a shot of a tall building by looking all the way up from a street corner.
  5. Colors. Play with colors when you take pictures, match them up, or emphasize specific colors to draw the eye to a certain detail in a picture.
  6. The moment. Capturing a moment that will never happen again makes for the most important, meaningful pictures (of course). 😉

Photography isn’t only for the professionals. Everyone has the ability to take a great photo by focusing on a few simple elements, getting creative and being ready to capture something beautiful or everywhere you go.  

Happy Shooting!

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