7 Ways to Look Better in Images | Richmond Hill Photographer

7 Ways to Look Better in Images | Richmond Hill Photographer

Everyone has a handful of unflattering photos that they don’t particularly like looking at, and what’s worse is that most of our photos end up online for everyone to see (yikes!)

Unless you’re a model, it’s not always easy to know exactly what to do in front of a camera in order to look your best, whether you’re posing for a selfie or have hired a professional. With a few helpful tips, you can start taking better pictures starting today!

Here are some tips that will come in handy the next time you find yourself in front of a camera.

  1. Eyes wide open. Close your eyes and open them just before the photo is taken. This will ensure that you don’t end up with half-closed eyes ever again.
  2. Goodbye double chin. Want to prevent a double chin? Simply press your tongue against the roof of your mouth when smiling. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum are big fans of this simple technique (and who doesn’t want to look more like Heidi?!?)
  3. Angles are always better. Facing the camera head on almost always leads to an unflattering image. It’s best to angle your body and tilt your chin slightly upwards for a more flattering pose. Bend whichever knee is towards the camera (pushing the booty and hips away, making them appear smaller … WIN!) In addition, placing one hand on your hip will ensure that your arm doesn’t look flat. A good rule of thumb – if it can bend, bend it!
  4. Up high. If someone who’s shorter than you is taking your photo, sit down if possible as shots taken from above are always more flattering.
  5. Keep it different. Taking a group shot? Make sure that you don’t all pose the same way. Different poses ensure everyone stands out and makes for an interesting image.
  6. Relax that face. Want to achieve a more natural smile? Relax your face and then smile just before the image is taken.
  7. Perfect your posture. Having good posture makes all the difference, so be mindful of whether you’re standing up straight with relaxed shoulders before the shutter is clicked.

The key to taking better pictures is to implement small changes and to practice them often. Don’t overthink it though, as this will show up in your face. Relax and have fun!

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