{A Little Cheeky} Richmond Hill Child Photographer

{A Little Cheeky} Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Megan Myrick Photography | Savannah Newborn Photographer

Even at birth she had those cheeks.

Squishy, pink and lovingly kissable cheeks.

Enter Exhibit A.

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See why I’m feeling a little cheeky?

Deliciously gorgeous to boot, Baby R. was one of the best babies I’ve photographed to date. I don’t remember exactly how many times she woke, but it wasn’t much and we sailed through our time together. She quickly and easily made her way into my heart – as did her wonderfully kind parents. So when her mama contacted me to book her six month session, I squealed with delight.

True story. 🙂

I bet you can imagine how happy I was to see that she hadn’t outgrown those sweet chubby cheeks.

Savannah Child Photographer

(Someone pinch me. I honest to goodness have the best job ever.)

One of my favorite things to do is to reuse props from the newborn session again during subsequent sessions. It’s such a thrill to see how much a child has grown, even in six short months. This image was a huge family favorite from Baby R.’s newborn session.

RIchmond Hill Child Photographer

Almost the identical set-up at her six month session.

I should pause here to mention how much I love six month sessions – it’s where a baby’s personality really starts to shine. 🙂

RIchmond Hill Child Photographer

The difference is simply amazing, isn’t it?

Unfortunately this is the last time Baby R. will visit me at my RH studio. Her family is on to bigger and better adventures in Texas – where Baby R. will be wowing everyone with her larger than life personality … and cheeks, of course. 😉

Jason and Cristin, thank you for sharing your precious baby with me. It was such a joy to have met you and Baby R.

Best of luck to you! I hope our paths cross again!


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