Baby D. | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer

Baby D. | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world Baby D.!!! This sweet baby boy is the fourth child in his family. He gets spoiled with loads of love as you can well imagine!

Is he not the cutest Georgia fan there ever was!

We love photographing babies with their parent’s dress blue uniform! Baby D.’s daddy is a reservist in the Coast Guard. Thank you for your service James! We appreciate you!

Those cheeks! The bucket is one of our favorite props to use and babies seem to LOVE it, too.

Baby D. is wearing one of our many beautiful infant bonnets from our curated newborn wardrobe. We also have a plethora of headbands and outfits for babies and toddlers, many of which have that antique feel that’s so popular now. We also love them posing with a tiny stuffy.

Mommy and me…so beautiful! Our full newborn sessions include professional hair and makeup artistry with one of our hair and makeup artists. We are fortunate to have these incredible ladies on our team! New moms deserve to be pampered and looking as gorgeous as can be too. April looks amazing! Many thanks to Jo Nettles Artistry!

Such a beautiful couple!

It’s time for daddy and me. What is it about dads and babies? Ugh … these images get me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

This sweet boy slept right through his session. Most babies do. When they’re brand new they sleep soundly as we slide them from one pose, prop, and parent to the next. We are like a well-oiled machine. 😉

Those sweet baby rolls! He is so juicy! Which image do you prefer, the color or black and white?

Oftentimes parents choose to be a part of our Grow With Me plan which allows you to create memories and milestones of your little one during their first year. If you’d like more information, please contact us!

Baby D…you just stole our hearts! It was such a pleasure photographing this beautiful baby boy for his mommy and daddy. What a joy it is to capture this time in images for this sweet family! Time goes by way too fast and children are little only for a short while. We hope James, April, and their whole family enjoy these special memories for many years to come.

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