{Celebrating 40, My Gift to You} Richmond Hill Photographer

{Celebrating 40, My Gift to You} Richmond Hill Photographer

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When you’re young, 40 seems so far away, doesn’t it? Another lifetime, perhaps. A point so far in the distant future you feel you need a looking glass to even consider the weight of it. Forty. Halfway through my life, perhaps? I hope not, but who knows?  Well, here I am, celebrating 40, contemplating my existance . All of the accomplishments and heartbreak, the new life I’ve welcomed onto this Earth, the jobs I’ve held, the business I have established, the love I’ve held in my arms, the tears that have fallen, the laughter, joy and wisdom gained. Friendships bright and new, and those that have withered away. Family lost, and family trees that have blossomed with new buds. Sometimes it seems like I’ve experienced much, and other times, like I have too much left to do, to learn.

My (ahem) “senior” friends have told me 40 is perfection. You stop caring what people think, you’re comfortable in your skin, you have a little money to your name, you have a set purpose, goal, your dreams now have traction. I’d like to think this is all true. I look in the mirror and do see a gray hair or two, extra laugh lines and perhaps deeper set bags under my eyes. But I also see experience, intelligence, eyes that glimmer with the hope of tomorrow, lips that have kissed true love. Arms that are stronger than in years past, arms that have hugged countless times and held sleepy children while they dreamt. A stomach that bares the truth of two babies, babies that gave me a love like I’ve never known. Legs that are wider, a little meatier than twenty years before, but oh, the trails we have blazed together! Can I even fathom the number of steps we’ve taken on our journey? And how many more to come?

As I write this, on the eve of my 40th birthday, I’d like to think it’s pretty amazing to get here. Really, if you think on it, this whole life thing is pretty darn miraculous, right? So I thought I’d compile a list of 40 things I’ve learned in 40 years. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ve mastered everything on this list, or that I’m even close to it. What I am acknowledging is things I know to be true, even if I have to remind myself of them on occasion. As the blog title dictates, I do indeed have a gift for you; but you’ll have to scroll down to the end to get it. Call it a reward for making it through this long-winded blog post. But if you do indeed whiz past my list to get to the “good stuff”  I’ll never know, right? 😉

My List

  1. God is real. There’s just too much awesomeness in this world for this to not be true.
  2. Having children truly is this most rewarding/hardest/most joyful, crazy, scary thing you’ll ever do. But it’s so worth it.
  3. Take risks. Sometimes you just have to take that first step and be faithful.
  4. Smart people read.
  5. Friends are family you get to choose.
  6. If you ask me my opinion, I’ll gently tell you. If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t have asked, right?
  7. We really do have the best country in the world. Yes, we have our share of troubles, but some of you just don’t understand how lucky we are.
  8. Trust your gut. Always.
  9. Dogs are cooler than cats. (don’t shoot me cat people, lol)
  10. Photographs are important. PRINT them. Please.
  11. Learning never stops.
  12. Exercise is important. Do it.
  13. Food is good. Eat it. Whatever you want, in moderation.
  14. Be the first to say, “I’m sorry.”
  15. Naps are a little gift you can give yourself. I take a 25 minute nap almost every day.
  16. Make your bed every morning, you’ll be more productive. I promise.
  17. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to mine. And yes, we can still be friends. I’d like that.
  18. Acting silly is perfectly acceptable. Even at 40.
  19. Farts are funny.
  20. Not everyone will like you. (I struggle with this a lot).
  21. Happiness is a choice. Choose wisely.
  22. Life isn’t fair.
  23. People are inherently good.
  24. I don’t regret the things I’ve done, only those that I didn’t do.
  25. Take time for yourself.
  26. Don’t skimp on nighttime sleep. (I probably need to tattoo this on my forehead because I am downright dreadful following this advice.)
  27. Laugh every day. And hug someone.
  28. Only those that stick with you during struggles deserve to be with you to celebrate your successes.
  29. True friends will never question why you disappeared off the face of the earth. They will welcome and love you unconditionally. This is absolute truth.
  30. Kindness matters. So does forgiveness.
  31. Miscommunication is the root of most problems.
  32. Use “please” and “thank you” and teach your children to do the same.
  33. You really don’t need to wash your hair every day.
  34. It’s okay to ask for help.
  35. There’s always two sides to every story. Try not to judge before hearing both.
  36. Take time to really listen to your children.
  37. Mistakes are the best way to learn. Don’t cheat yourself.
  38. Let go of expectations. (sigh – I am burned by this one all the time. Gotta’ let go).
  39. Save for a rainy day. Or many rainy days. You never know what life will deal you.
  40. Life is beautiful.

That’s my list! Anything you would add? I’d love to hear from you! Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

On to what you’ve been waiting for … 🙂

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE birthdays. Like love, love. They are always a big deal in our house. I love planning, designing, and throwing birthday parties. Honestly, I may have been a party planner in another life – it brings me such joy. I get rather giddy, actually.

So to celebrate my birthday I thought it would be a wonderful time to gift something to you!!

I am offering $40 off any full session this weekend only if you sign-up for a pre-session consultation with me.

What’s the fine print?

-Contact me and wish me “Happy Birthday” between Friday, March 25 and Sunday, March 27th to qualify.

-The pre-session consultation has zero obligation. If you like what you see and book a session, you receive $40 off your full session fee. If you decide MMP isn’t a good fit for you, you lose nothing (other than the 15 minutes we spent together, lol. But I promise we’ll still have fun).

-Your session needs to be held between now and December 31, 2016.

-Your consult needs to be held during the month of April 2016. It’s never too early to plan!

-This offer can not be combined with any other offers and previously booked sessions are not eligible.

-You must book a full session. Headshot and milestone sessions are not eligible.

That’s it! Easy peasy!

You basically have nothing to lose!

MMP is in our brand new location – this is a perfect time to come check us out!

Click on the button below, find “Contact” on the top toolbar and schedule your pre-session consultation.

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Have a beautiful day and a magical Easter. He has risen indeed!


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