{Forever Memories} Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer

{Forever Memories} Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer


My cell phone buzzed. I read the text and smiled. This is why I do what I do.

“Holy cow!!! Words can not even measure the joy that these forever memories mean to me. I am so appreciative of everything you have given to us. And I can’t wait to hang the fabulously amazing pictures on my wall.”

As a mother to (now) four children, Megan has a quiet calmness about her. Her soft smile and bright eyes are reflected in her equally beautiful daughters, who were so well behaved during their younger sister’s session. Megan’s husband, Art, has a similar patient personality and the whole lot of them are genuinely kind and instantly likeable.

Perhaps initally drawn by our identical name, Megan and I hit it off immediately. I seem to gravitate to warm, authentic people with a great sense of humor and the five members of this family have it in spades. I am not sure how I end up with such truly fabulous clients like Megan and Art time after time. Clients that become friends, but I do … people whom I count as blessings in my life.

No exception here.

The family arrived to the studio one early morning in April, towing one of the most beautiful babies I’d ever seen. One quick glance at her mother and big sisters and you knew this sweet girl hadn’t fallen far from the tree. Baby C. also ended up being one of the easiest babies I’d ever photographed; such a patient, tranquil soul.


Baby C. with her stunning big sisters.


This bonnet was one of mom’s favorite additions.


I never tire of baby profiles.



Luscious in purple.



Is there anything quite as wonderful as a baby smile?


Art and Megan, thank you for bringing your sweet family to see me. It was such a pleasure to capture these moments for you and I count myself fortunate for having met you.

See you again soon.


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