Fun Back-to-School Portrait Prop Ideas | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Fun Back-to-School Portrait Prop Ideas | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and kids in our area are heading back to school! We all know what that means … it’s time to get your camera ready for those back-to-school photos.

With so much that needs to be done in the week leading up to the first day of school, it helps to start thinking about the first day of school portraits now. How are you planning to tell a story about the new school year and how will make this year’s photos stand out?

Props are still a classic way to create unique and memorable photos. What’s more, these items are usually lying around your house anyway – you only need to get creative! To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a few prop ideas for this year’s back-to-school pics.

1. Use your child’s school

What better way to highlight the start of a new school year than by taking a few shots outside your child’s school building? You can even take a photo in the same place every year to document your child’s growth – the front door is always a good spot!

2. Add a playful pop of color using a backpack

A backpack is probably something your child already has and if it’s playful and colorful, use it as a prop in your back-to-school photos. In fact, this is the perfect excuse to purchase a new backpack and get your child excited for the school year at the same time! Plus, getting your child to pick out a new backpack will ensure you’re incorporating their unique personality into the portraits.

3. School supplies do the trick, too

While notebooks and glue don’t seem like exciting props, with a little bit of creativity, they definitely can be! Get a close-up shot of your child writing their name on their new notebook or capture them lying flat on the floor surrounded by all their new school supplies. If you are going to add these photos to a growing album, take some shots of supplies, such as pencils, to add character to the layout.

4. Tell a story using words

Signs and letter boards are timeless props for back-to-school images because you can do so much with them. Whether it’s a chalkboard, piece of paper, or canvas, get creative and have some fun telling a back-to-school story with your child.

5. Add an apple (of course!)

An apple is not necessarily something that pupils give to their teachers anymore but it can still be a cute and creative prop that screams school. Apples are simple and inexpensive but they can add a touch of color to a few of your child’s back-to-school photos.

If you’re looking for more than just your usual back-to-school memories, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our annual Back-2-School Portrait Event coming September 10!

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