How to Make Your Portraits Classic & Timeless | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

How to Make Your Portraits Classic & Timeless | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Save this post because it’s great information! How to make sure your portraits are classic and timeless!

Take it from the girl who has worn her fair share of awkward outfits in pictures … you do NOT want to date your portrait wardrobe! You do not want to look back on images and cringe with embarrassment and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?!?”

So let’s discuss a few ways to keep your portrait session TIMELESS with a few of the following tips and tricks:

+ skin tone and colors: I know orange may be your absolute favorite color, but unfortunately, that fave tangerine sweater of yours may actually make you look tired, ashy, and haggard. YIKES. The best colors to wear that can make you look fresh, glowy, and fabulous are instead based on your skin tone! So make sure you’re wearing the right colors for your skin, hair, and eye color!

+ classic styles with elements of trends: If you want your images to stand the test of time, opt for simple and timeless foundational looks styled with modern components. For example, if you want to update your iconic plaid skirt and chunky sweater outfit, throw on a button down underneath the sweater with your collar out, some fun tights and combat boots, and maybe a matching beret or headband to top it off with. This keeps your base outfit classic, but updates it with a modern and trendy twist!

+ makeup that enhances what’s already there: I know makeup trends can be super fun, but they can not only date your pics, but they can also really take front and center instead of YOU being the focus (trust the 80’s crowd with blue eye shadow and hot pink lips). The best thing you can do for your face is use makeup as a tool to enhance your beautiful features with colors that can pop the color of your eyes, draw attention to your high cheek bones, or show off your beautiful, full lips. Lucky for you we have two amazing hair and makeup artists on staff! If you are a maternity, newborn, or high school senior client that makeup is already included but it can be easily added to any family or headshot session!

+ simple and balanced accessories: A great way to wear jewelry is with the rule of balance. If you’re going to wear big earrings, opt for a simple necklace. And try to remember that metals are ALWAYS in. Golds and silvers will forever be iconic while acrylics, fabric, and other materials will likely date your pics.

Looking for MORE session fashion advice? Not to worry! A prep guide is included with all of our sessions. We promise to not leave you hanging!

Spring sessions are selling out quickly so be sure to reach out for information or to schedule.

warmly, megan
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