{Ice Princess} | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer

{Ice Princess} | Richmond Hill Newborn Photographer


Hayle stopped me in the church hallway.  “I spoke with Rebecca’s sister and she said Rebecca and Adam have never had professional family pictures done.”

My heart lurched. Never had professional family pictures?

This statement always makes me sad … every family needs, no, deserves to have professional family portraits. At least once. Something grand to hang over the mantle or a smattering of 8x10s glittering a dimly lit hallway. As children grow and change, so do families. Their priorities, the language, expectations and nuances. One moment parents are changing diapers and the next they are frantically waving goodbye as their kindergartner boards the school bus for the first time. Fresh teeth emerge and baby teeth are lost only to be replaced by the first glimpses of adulthood. Moms and Dads go from gently tossing baseballs to a wide-legged, clumsy kid to cheering from the bleachers for their Varsity player until voices are numb.

So yes, at first my heart lurched. But then my heart soared because I was going to be their first professional photographer and that felt pretty amazing.

I don’t know about other photographers, but I absolutely love having “first time” clients. There is such a huge chasm of difference between a boutique photographer and a mall photography studio.  I adore introducing people to how relaxed, special and fun the boutique experience can be. And once you’ve tasted it, you’ll settle for nothing less.

But back to Adam and Rebecca. 🙂

When Taran and I first arrived in Georgia, one of our first priorities was to find a new church. We’d had fabulous ones at two of our previous duty stations and were wondering if we’d be able strike gold a third time. A mutual friend of ours told us about a small, young church that had established itself across from the YMCA. It was unlike any other church in town,our friend informed us, and we liked the sound of that.

Finding the right church on the first try is tough, but Taran and I beat the odds and instantly felt comfortable as soon we crossed the threshold. Our family was greeted immediately and welcomed into the fold. Nine months later and the Myricks still call The Waterfont Church home.

 And leading this uplifting, fun, tight-knit, friendly congregation?

Yup, you guessed it! Adam & Rebecca.

Their sweet little addition was born in January, my first newborn for 2014, on one of the coldest days in Georgia history. Precious Baby E. was quickly nicknamed “The Ice Princess” and I can’t think of a more fitting title. Baby E. was simply gorgeous, with soft delicate features and the most porcelain skin I’d seen on a baby.


The happy new family of 6. (although big brother N. was really hoping for a brother, lol).


Big brother N. may have been a bit disgruntled at first, but I think he’s pretty smitten.

Aren’t all of them just gorgeous?

And for the record, incredibly well behaved. Truly, the three of them were so, so good. Newborn sessions can be *ahem* a tad long. Especially for the sibling crowd.


You may not know this, but I buy at least one new item for each of my newborn sessions, so that every baby is the first to use something. A new blanket, wrap, headband or hat. In Baby E.’s session it just happened to be this stunning crown … fit for a princess. 🙂


Always a favorite. The profile.


I’d actually had this “ice” bucket for some time but never had the opportunity to use it.

Definitely a no-brainer and Baby E. seemed to love it, too. 😉


Adam and Rebecca, thank you for trusting me with your first ever professional photography session. I had such an amazing time working with the five of you. And thank you for creating a church that my family so easily calls home.

See you on Sunday.


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