Lawrence | Richmond Hill Senior Photographer

Lawrence | Richmond Hill Senior Photographer

I first met Lawrence and his family when they moved into our neighborhood. Quiet and hardworking, Lawrence and his brother started a part-time landscaping business that kept them both quite busy!

Lawrence technically graduated in December from RHHS and will continue to attend GSU. He plans on becoming a pharmacist.

Lawrence was a natural in front of the camera (as you can see). Soft spoken, he has a kind and generous heart.

It usually takes a while for clients to become more relaxed in front of the camera, but like most guys, Lawrence settled in fairly quickly. Before long we were laughing and joking around (Lawrence and others can attest that I’ll break out some pretty bad jokes to catch a smile, and I don’t even apologize for it, lol).

It’s always meaningful when we are able to incorporate personal items (instrument, car/truck, sports jersey, etc.) or locations into our sessions. Lawrence spent much of his high school years four-wheeling, camping, fishing, and hunting on this land. That place was an obvious choice to use!

All of our senior sessions include the option of both studio and on location. This is a great way to include wide variety into your session, mixed with your wardrobe and style changes.

There’s a reason why it’s called “Golden Hour” … it’s that time just after sunrise and just before sunset when the light is warmer and softer than when the sun is high in the sky. Also called “magic hour” by photographers and cinematographers, it truly is the perfect part of the day for your session, and why we are so insistent on when we shoot outdoors.

KaCe, thank you for choosing MMP to capture this important milestone in Lawrence’s life. And Lawrence, best of luck to you at GSU and in the future!

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