Lewis Family | Richmond Hill Family Photographer

Lewis Family | Richmond Hill Family Photographer

As the photographer for Richmond Hill Neighbors magazine, I am fortunate enough to meet amazing local families each month to feature on our cover. In December of 2019 I met up with Christopher and Heather Lewis and their three beautiful children.

All of the wardrobe choices Heather made for her family were perfect! If you find yourself struggling to prepare for your session, please know we are here to offer you suggestions and advice. I know wardrobe selection is often the hardest part!

One day a week is designated as family time in the Lewis house. The kiddos rotate choosing a restaurant and they all eat out, followed by playing a board game or watching a movie at home. Love how they focus on togetherness and enjoying precious moments as a family unit.

Such beautiful children! Hard to believe their youngest was born at 27 weeks and spent 79 days in the NICU. She is definitely like most other preemies I know … full of energy and spunk!

Christopher and Heather met when Heather’s brother and Christopher worked together at a local Chick-fil-A. Years later, Christopher still works for the restaurant as an operations manager. Heather is employed at SunTrust Bank.

We lucked out with the most lovely evening and soft, beautiful light.

One of my favorite images from their entire session. So much personality packed into one shot!

When I first pulled up to the location, a HUGE, colossal construction truck was parked right where I wanted to shoot. Just as I started to sweat over the circumstance and tried to figure out how to maneuver around it, two construction workers showed up to haul the rig away. Whew!!!

The image chosen for the cover of the January 2020 edition … one of my favorite covers to date!

Lewis family, thank you for being such a gracious family to photograph! I loved getting to learn more about you! See you around the hill!

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