Lunchbox Love Notes

Lunchbox Love Notes

It’s no secret that I enjoy packing my boys’ lunches. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that they will actually eat, lets me know how much they did eat, and helps me to use up leftover meals. And I’ll admit that my boys have money in their lunch account for those rushed mornings, but I do send a lunch most days during the school year.

I love to include little “notes” in their lunch boxes, a small surprise to greet them halfway through the day. I quickly discovered during my oldest son’s kindergarten year that I was burning through sticky notes and shaped notepads like a crazy woman, and was running out of original things to say besides, “I love you!” and “Have a great day!” Always looking to improve my efficiency (I’m so Type A), I jumped on Pinterest and starting pinning free lunchbox notes. Like a giddy child I printed them out on cardstock and began including them in M.’s lunchbox. Insert another dilemma … after spending all this time, energy, and printer ink, the notes were coming home crumpled and sometimes wet and dirty. Insert sad face.

Then I had a eureka moment.

Wanting to reuse the lunchbox notes for future years, I dug out my Xyron Creative Station. It’s a pretty awesome tool to have and you can find one here. With multiple cartridges, you can laminate smaller items or make stickers and magnets with ease! It was a life-saver when I was teaching, and has come in handy more than once as a mom, too.

Starting the process over I printed off a bunch of lunchbox notes on cardstock paper and cut them out.

Richmond Hill Family Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

I then ran the lunchbox notes through my Xyron Creative Station, laminating them for durability. The laminate also makes these cards super easy to wipe off, which means I can use them year after year.

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I printed off various types of notes – fun, silly, jokes, Bible verses, and some with uplifting messages. I divided the notes up based on age appropriateness and placed them in separate envelopes for each kiddo. The envelope system makes it easy for me to grab a lunchbox note and slide it into a lunchbox in the morning. Once the note is used I flip it around backwards and return it to the same envelope, as I try not to repeat during the year.

Pooler Hill Family Photographer||Megan Myrick Photography

Planning ahead, I printed and laminated several for upcoming holidays as well. It seems like holidays always creep up on us, doesn’t it?

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With M. entering fourth grade I’m fixing newer ones that focus more on positive thoughts and fun jokes, instead of the “cutesy” ones. I know both kids enjoy receiving the notes in their lunch box and want to make sure that M. isn’t mortified by what his mom throws in his box! Embarrassment by mom is not what any 4th grader needs! 🙂

Once the boys have outgrown the Lunchbox Love Notes (not for years and years, right???) I’ll donate them to a “younger” mom. It’s always a joy to spread the love around.

Have a wonderful week, friends!





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