{May Newsletter} Richmond Hill Family Photographer

{May Newsletter} Richmond Hill Family Photographer

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Yay to May and your May newsletter! 4 days of school left … anyone else counting down? I know I am! And while summer days definitely require a little more creative coordination to get work done, I have to admit I do love spending endless days with my boys. At the pool, bowling, the library, the beach, sleeping in (staying up late), s’mores, playdates with friends, rounds of baseball after a dinner made to perfection on the grill, and star gazing as the sun goes to sleep. What are your favorite parts of summer?

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Inside This Issue-May

The 3rd Annual Mommy & Me event was a huge success! Thank you to all the wonderful families that helped to support the Pay It Forward Foundation of Bryan County. Here’s a sneak at some of our favorites from the day. Hopefully you and your child(ren) will be able to join us next year!



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High Speed Photography

High speed photography sounds complicated, but it is only a form of photography used when trying to capture something in fast motion. This can be people playing a sport, cars moving quickly, people walking in a street, anything that doesn’t involve holding still and yes, toddlers most definitely count! To do this, you need to have a high shutter speed on your camera. A shutter is what is inside your camera – it opens and closes to catch a moment, turning it into a picture. The longer it is open, the more light can be let in, and the more still your subject needs to be. In order to do high speed photography, your camera’s shutter speed needs to be fast, so it can capture a moment quickly without catching motion blur. This can be adjusted on any DSLR camera, and with some point and shoot cameras as well. It’s an awesome thing to learn how to use, especially when wanting to photograph anything in motion.

In the image below, my shutter speed was at 1/640 of a second to capture my youngest jumping off the fence. Any slower, and I would have increased the likelihood of motion blur. Another tip, keeping your camera at a higher shutter speed allows for you to “open up” your lens during a sunny day like this, creating a more shallow depth of field and keeping the sky that gorgeous hue.

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I'll Take That One

So many times we look for that “perfect” picture – everyone smiling, looking at the camera, bodies positioned appropriately, everything appearing juuuuust right. This however, is not always the best image. The purpose of a picture is to remember a certain point in time – maybe your wedding, a graduation, your child’s first birthday, a particular milestone, or a special vacation. Sometimes, a photograph that captures that specific point in time the best is the one that is off-center, or one that you are looking away and laughing. These pictures can be perfect without being posed! The most important aspect sometimes is the memory, capturing that true moment, and the feeling that one picture can bring with it. The English idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s true. Embrace the silly, the imperfect. Because chances are, you’ll look back and realize how just how “perfect” the not-so perfect truly is.


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DIY Photo Frame

Are you sick of displaying your pictures in the same way? Picture frames and canvases? Try shaking it up this time!

Take an old, larger frame, and use it to frame a bunch of smaller pictures. Start by attaching string, jute, or wire horizontally from side to side on the inside of the frame with masking or duct tape, or small screws.   Do as many rows as you can, or will fit. Next, get some clothespins, or even colored paper clips to hang the pictures from the wire by. Smaller pictures work best, so that you can get the most in a frame. Polaroids are an ideal size, or 4×6 prints. I love this idea from Little Inspiration on creating a photo frame for all your Instagram images! This might be come a summer project for me, and would be perfect for our playroom!

diy frame

For fun, try hanging up other things instead of just pictures. For example, if one frame is just displaying pictures from a trip to New York, also hang up a ticket from a broadway show, or cute napkin from your favorite restaurant. Small keepsakes that go along with the memories can make a great addition to your frame.

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Tiny Clicks

Mark your calendars! The summer Tiny Clicks class will be held Sunday, June 26 from 1-4 at my RH studio. Cost includes the class, light snacks/drinks, our private FB group, and an extensive workbook to take home for $125. To sign up you may email me or call the studio at 912-200-5284. Learn to rock your camera this summer!

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That’s it for May! I want to wish all of you a wonderful last week of school and an amazing start to summer!

Thought this was an appropriate quote to kick off the end of school …

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See you at the beach! 🙂


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