Meador Family | Richmond Hill, GA Family Photographer

Meador Family | Richmond Hill, GA Family Photographer

Susan Meador’s initial inquiry to our studio for a family photographer made me smile and laugh. When asked how she’d heard about us, Susan responded, “Your children.” Turns out her son, Zach, and my oldest are in the same grade and have been in classes together, so many thanks to Max for promoting your mama! 🙂

One of the wonderful aspects about having a physical studio space is that we were able to accommodate Susan’s request for not only outdoor photographs, but a few classic studio shots as well.

Susan did a fantastic job coordinating their outfits. I loved the timeless color scheme of black and gray with touch a touch of blue.

Such a sweet image of husband and wife! Susan had this one blown up as a canvas for their master bedroom. We always make sure to capture a few images of mom and dad together. Oftentimes the last professional picture most couples have taken was on their wedding day!

Zach was in 5th grade with my oldest son, Max. They’re in band together now at the middle school and Zach plays percussion. He’s such a handsome guy and one of the sweetest, too. I remember commenting to his mom about how polite and well behaved he was.

We are blessed to have a lovely wooded backyard area at the studio. I’ve often dreamed as to what else we could include or build … gazebo, garden area … ideas are endless!

My favorite family shot of the Meadors. They agreed and ordered a 16×24 fine art print in one of our most popular wooden frames to hang in their home. The “hug” shot usually ends up being a treasured image for our families.

Thank you for trusting MMP to capture your family portraits this year, Meador family! I look forward to working with you again in the future.

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