{Motivational Monday.1} Richmond Hill Family Photographer

{Motivational Monday.1} Richmond Hill Family Photographer



Starting in junior high, I began to write inspirational and motivational quotes on index cards. White, purple, pink, blue … multi colored ink splattered on these rectangular pieces of paper, the flourish of my pen changing with my adolescent moods. I’d scour my grandparent’s Reader’s Digest magazines, bypassing all the humor pages to find the quotes scattered throughout. Before I knew it, I had a giant stack of them, pancaked together with at least two rubber bands, holding on for dear life. Whenever I’d have a sporting event, a big project, or on opening night of a show I was starring in, I’d break out that stack and read through most of them, losing myself in the prose. I know the messages of wisdom and positivity helped get me through a lot in my younger years. Like many of you, I struggled (and still do) with thoughts of negativity and inadequacy. Filling myself up with those words boosted my spirits, renewed my strength, and immediately changed my viewpoint.

I have since lost those cards, the ones I spent hours carefully transcribing with attentive penmanship in my youth, to the passages of adulthood. I slowly, unconsciously utilized them less and less, as I moved on to college and beyond. But there have been many days where I’ve reached out to touch them, saddened to find nothing there. As a mother, the Bible has become more of a guide to help me navigate through these somewhat murky waters, but I find myself inherently missing those simple cards. Reminiscing of where I was when I wrote each one, at times noticing a smudged letter, perhaps a tear that was shed? The innocence of childhood lost somewhere in the abyss of becoming a woman, a wife, a mother.

And thus, Motivational Monday was born.

I still find myself needing a good mental boost, probably more than I’d like to admit. And if I need a boost, maybe you do, too? I’ve scoured the internet (okay, mostly Pinterest) to find some of my favorites, old and new. Hopefully you find inspiration, comfort and strength in them as much as I do.

First up?

One of my favorite quotes. Ever.

All the Facts

There’s many reasons why Einstein is considered one of the greatest minds of all time, and this quote is surely one of them.

As for me?

Well, I’ve got big, big dreams.

What are yours? Feel free to comment and share! I’d love to hear.

Happy Monday, friends.


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