{Motivational Monday.4} Richmond Hill Photographer

{Motivational Monday.4} Richmond Hill Photographer


If you follow my Facebook page then you know that my computer was in the shop last week. Failing hard drive. Ugh. Thankfully I caught it before anything too disastrous had occurred and took it to my favorite computer guy in town, Mike, at Tech Smart in Richmond Hill. Seriously, if you need anything technical done, go see Mike. He’s terrific. Tell him I sent you. ūüôā

Due to aforementioned computer struggles, I didn’t blog last week, but did post a fun motivational image on my page. Glad to be back blogging this week’s Motivational Monday!

A Ship in Harbor

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of boats, or water (other than my shower, bath or a good swim in the summer). I can do the beach a few times each year, but my heart doesn’t call to it like some I know. My¬†aunt and uncle’s place is right on Hood Canal¬†in Washington. I have fond memories of visiting during the summer, ankle-deep in muck during low tide, collecting seashells and shiny rocks. High tide we’d venture out onto the dock, feel it sway beneath our sandy, water-logged feet. Evenings would bring s’mores and my sweet cousin lovingly tying my hair in swift, neat french braids down my back. My dad had a boat for a time. I’ll never forget the bright orange life vests my brother and I dutifully wore, or how the wind pushed back against my lungs as I breathed in the mist of boats racing past as we sped forward, bouncing over the waves.

But this isn’t about beaches, summer vacations, or lazy weekends on the river in my dad’s boat.

No, this is all about purpose.

The purpose of a ship.

And your purpose.

Which are, in a way, eerily similar.

So, is the ship’s lot in life to stay safe, tucked tidily in the harbor,¬†moored to a rickety, algae-covered dock?

No. No, that isn’t the purpose of a ship at all.

It’s to explore, to confront¬†the mighty tides, to steer headfirst into the wind. A ship’s purpose is a vehicle for¬†voyage – filled with discoveries, star-studded night skies, open air, a chance for rebirth and renewal. But perhaps most importantly, a ship’s purpose is to lose sight of the shore.

Scary? Yes.

A chance to be amazing? Yes, my friend. Absolutely.

How about you? Are you a ship protected by that dock or are you turning your sails into the wind, losing sight of the shore, taking chances, living your dreams?

Have a great week.


P.S. The wonderful quote is by John Shedd, 1850-1926

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