Simple Tricks for Looking Slimmer in Pictures | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Simple Tricks for Looking Slimmer in Pictures | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

We have all seen photos of ourselves where we simply weren’t happy about how we looked. It’s easy to be your own worst critic but it’s even easier to make small changes in how you pose for photos in order to look slimmer and more confident.

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Simple Tricks for Looking Slimmer in Pictures


Low angles are a no-no.
Nobody looks good when they’re photographed from below. Photos taken at this angle make you look heavier, shorter, and will more than likely give you a bit of a double chin. Instead, take photos from a side angle or from above.

It’s all in the jaw.
It might feel rather awkward at first but try practicing moving your chin up slightly and your neck forward so that it accentuates your jaw.

Think before you get dressed.
What you wear plays a big role in how you look in photos. Avoid bulky or baggy clothing that doesn’t fit you well. While darker clothes do make you look slimmer, if you want to go for brighter colors, stay away from any patterns that draw attention to your problem areas and always avoid horizontal stripes.

Angles & posture are instant wins.
You will always look slimmer in photos if you twist your body slightly to create an angle. Place one leg in front of the other and keep your weight on your back leg. Put one hand on your hip and keep your other arm relaxed at your side, not pushed up against your body. To accentuate your collarbones, stand up straight and push your shoulders back.

Sit correctly.
If you’re sitting in a photo, try and cross your ankles instead of your legs. It makes you look leaner and shows less of your thighs.

Stick to the middle.
Taking a group shot? Try and stay away from the end of the group if possible as people standing on the edges of the group always look a little bigger. If children are in the image, place them towards the front, provided they are shorter than you. 😉

Remember that confidence makes a big difference to your photos too so don’t forget to smile naturally and let your beauty shine through.







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