Smartphone Sports Photography Tips | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Smartphone Sports Photography Tips | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

With spring sports in full swing, many of us moms find ourselves spending nights and weekends on the side of a field, cheering on our sons and daughters. If you’re no stranger to sporting events, then you know how difficult it can be to capture all the action. Moving shots are notoriously some of the hardest to capture, especially on a phone. So we’ve rounded up some of the top smartphone sports photography tips to help you perfectly capture your kiddo in action!

baseball glove with baseball

Try to Forget Your Zoom is There At All

It’s important to remember that pinching a screen to get closer is not the same as zooming in with a professional camera lens. When you use the zoom function on your phone, you’re essentially just blowing up a portion of the image, which takes away from the overall quality. Instead of zooming in, try getting closer to the action. Remember, you can always crop your photo and zoom in later.

Burst Mode Works Wonders

Most smartphones have pretty impressive cameras, but they’re not built to take action shots. However, burst mode is one feature that will increase your chances of capturing that perfect shot mid-kick, jump or bat. Most smartphones will activate burst mode when you hold the shutter button. If that doesn’t work, check your settings or download a burst mode app.

Focus on the Photos First

Focus on taking as many great shots as you can. Once all the excitement is over, you can start sifting through your images to choose the keepers.

Stay Alert

If you want to capture better photos, you’ll need to be on the lookout for key moments in the game. You never quite know when something exciting is going to take place so have your camera ready to go.

It’s All About the Lighting

Lighting can truly make or break your photos. If the weather doesn’t look too good on game day, take a few minutes to adjust your exposure to compensate. Increasing your exposure will force the camera to let in more light as you capture your photos. The sun icon is what will adjust the exposure on most smartphones.

Now that you know how to take better photos using your smartphone, you can look forward to a year of sporting accomplishments and exciting photos of your child that both you and they can be proud of. Have additional tips to share? Drop them in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! I’ll see y’all on the sidelines! 🙂

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