Tips for Photographing Active Kids | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Tips for Photographing Active Kids | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

If you’re a parent, you probably understand the concept of never-ending energy better than anyone else. Your kids are always on the go and keeping busy, which is great when you need them to entertain themselves, but not always ideal when it’s time for your professional portrait session. If you’re looking to update your family portraits and capture a few new shots of your active children, here are a few ideas to help ease the stress.

Head outside. In order to capture a few candid shots of your child, get them outside where they can burn off some of that excess energy. Not only will the outdoors provide you with a great backdrop but once your child is feeling less energetic, you’ll have the chance to capture some beautiful images of them spending time outside.

Turn it into a game. Sometimes the best way to get children to cooperate is to turn the session into a game. Let them dance to their favorite music or engage them in a game of I Spy with My Little Eye. Using a prop or two is another great way to make the experience more fun.

Do what they love. Does your child love to play outside in the garden? Perhaps playing dress up and make-believe is more their thing? Whatever your child loves to do, embrace it and use it in your next portrait session. Chances are they will be far more willing to cooperate if they’re doing something they love.

Take breaks. Small children have short attention spans, so be sure to take frequent breaks during your session to allow them to run and explore before asking them to be active participants again.

Let go of expectations. This is my biggest tip. Heading into a portrait session with any sort of expectations + young kiddos can be a recipe for disaster. I promise the time will come when your little one will sit nicely and smile at the camera, but until then, it’s best to go with the flow. Your professional photographer is used to working with kids, so try not to worry too much – we’ve seen it all! If you’re relaxed and having fun rest assured your child will, too.

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