Tips for Stress Free Pics of Your Kids | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

mom with young kids

Tips for Stress Free Pics of Your Kids | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

When scheduling sessions with young children, most parents’ number one concern is how to get their little ones to pose and cooperate during the session. There are always challenges to face when trying to ensure everyone in the family looks their best and coaxing little ones to look at the camera. Truthfully, these are things you do not need to stress about. The simple tips below will help you prepare your young ones for their big day in front of the camera whether it’s for a professional session or even just at home with your phone.
mom with young kids

1. Scheduling

We always schedule our sessions around a child’s nap and feeding schedule which helps reduce the risk of fussy or cranky babies during their session. Also, be mindful of annual vaccination appointments or if your child is starting to feel unwell. It is always best to reschedule to a time when your child is feeling their best.

2. Make it a big deal.

You want your children to be excited about the session, so be sure to inform them of the appointment well in advance. Turn the session into a special occasion so your child becomes excited and more interested in taking part in it. Include your child in picking parts of their wardrobe, or practice their “picture smile” in a mirror days beforehand. Make it fun!

3. Bribes

We will be the first to admit we are not above bribing in our studio. And while you may not be too keen on the idea, bribes can be an effective strategy for a lot of kids. Let’s face it, even as adults we like to receive a little something for our efforts, too! 😉  Keep in mind it doesn’t always have to be food! A small treat can go a long way in helping avoid the additional stress of an uncooperative toddler.

4. Let The Photographer Give Directions

It’s natural for parents to want to give their children directions during a session or make adjustments to their clothing. However, this often leads to parents (and kids) not looking at the camera. Let your photographer take the reins so you can just focus on being camera-ready yourself. Kids also tend to listen better to other adults, so letting your photographer take charge makes everything easier for everyone.

5. Enjoy the Experience

We know you want each shot to be amazing, but your focus should be on enjoying the moment with your family and children. Sometimes the most picture-perfect moments are the ones that don’t seem to be so “perfect” in that moment. Please leave all your expectations at home. Kids are full of energy and unpredictable – it is best to just embrace it. I promise you, after 13 years in the business, we’ve seen it all! The more fun you have the more fun your kids will have, too.

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