Using Natural Light to Improve Your Pictures | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Using Natural Light to Improve Your Pictures | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

There are countless ways that you can take better pictures, but lighting is a simple concept that can truly make all the difference. From family to newborn shoots, using more natural light is one way to take your photos from good to great!

While ambient light is usually created by camera equipment, natural light is generally any light that has been created by the sun. If you have an upcoming photo shoot that you would like to better plan for (or would like to try taking some yourself), here are some tips for using natural light to take your best photos yet.

sunset over ocean

Schedule your photos around natural light

Ideally, your photos should be scheduled at a time when the sun is lower in the sky – think sunrise and sunset.

Be on time


There is only a very small window for getting the best shots using natural light. If you have scheduled a photo session for sunrise or sunset, make sure that you’re on time.

Stay near windows


If you opt for an at-home lifestyle session, be sure to choose areas that have the most windows in order to incorporate as much natural light as possible. And be sure to turn off all your overhead lighting. Overhead lights will compete with the natural available light.

Use water and trees to your advantage

If your location has a lot of trees or a small body of water, use these backdrops and natural light to your advantage. Take a few photos in front of trees where the light is streaming through the leaves. If there is water, use the sunset and the reflections it creates in the water to give your photos a romantic and intimate touch.

Use the shade

If the only time you can take photos is during a time when the sun is harsher, use the shade of trees to soften the light and avoid any squinting.

Good photography is truly being a master with light. Use some of these tips to help you better your own photography or to help plan your next session with a pro. Have fun!



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