Wisler Family | Richmond Hill Pet Photographer

Wisler Family | Richmond Hill Pet Photographer

Meet Buster Wisler! He is a 14 year old Chihuahua that mom Eileen has had since he was a pup. Buster is now deaf and almost completely blind, and is also the pride and joy of this Richmond Hill family.

I wasn’t able to make my usual crazy pet noises, so Jen ran behind me with a bright scarf to grab Buster’s attention. Worked like a charm! (and yeah, we will do almost anything to get the shot!!)

Buster was so sweet to photograph! Pets are some of our favorite clients to photograph. I mean, look at what a little GQ model he is!

The Wisler kiddos were so well behaved and absolutely adorable! They love Buster so much too and couldn’t wait to have their pictures taken with him.

Look at those smiles! Even Buster was engaged and working that camera like a champ. So cute!

This antique style chair was a lucky snag at HomeGoods several years ago and quickly became a popular and versatile prop. It is one of several chair options we offer from our curated prop closet.

These bright, summery solid colors look great on these kids with the neutral background. We just love the girl’s bows too! Clean and classic, just how we like it.

How precious are these individual photos of Buster with each of his little people! There’s no disagreeing this little dog has a big heart and is very well loved.

Last, but not least…the entire Wisler family. Mom and Dad have five reasons to be very proud. We wish them love and joy as they watch their kids grow up. They are such a sweet family.

Wisler fam, thank you again for choosing MMP to document this time in your life. And a huge shootout to Jessica MacDonald with the Jessica MacDonald Real Estate Group for the amazing referral! 🙂

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