Are You Camera Shy? | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Are You Camera Shy? | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Are You Camera Shy?

Do you cringe at the thought of having your pictures taken? If so, it doesn’t mean you need to accept the fact that you’ll never have any good photos of yourself. There is a way to overcome your camera shyness and feel comfortable enough in front of your photographer to capture the photos you want, whether it’s of you and your loved ones or just you on your own. Believe it or not, we run into this quite a bit. If you’re feeling camera shy about an upcoming session (or keep putting one off!) read on!

woman looking in a compact mirror at herself

Be as comfortable as possible in your clothing. Take the time to pick out an outfit that not only suits the purpose of the session but one that you feel completely comfortable in, too. Wear a color that you love and have your hair and makeup done as that will give you an extra boost of confidence. Need help selecting an outfit? Feel free to contact us and we can guide you in your wardrobe selections. We also have amazing hair and makeup artists on staff. Please let us know if you’d like to include hair and makeup in your session. For our maternity and newborn clients, this service is already included for you!

Practice really does help. I know it may sound silly, but practice does make *almost* perfect. Stand in front of a mirror and strike a few poses. Get comfortable with your body and your smile. Once you’re feeling better about how you look, use your smartphone or camera to snap a few shots of yourself. This will help you see which angles and poses work best. Your professional photographer should be well versed in how to pose bodies and will help you with this on the day, so try not to stress too much over this part.

What is your why? Oftentimes focusing on the camera and the person taking the photos is enough to put anyone off. Instead, focus on why you’re doing this session in the first place. Are you updating your family portraits, celebrating the birth of a new baby, or updating those all important head shots to help push your business forward?  Through the whole process it’s best to keep your mind on the end result.

Remember that your photographer does this for a living because they love working with people. The photographer you have chosen wants to help you achieve the best quality images. Have fun and trust that he or she has your best interests at heart.

warmly, megan

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