Choosing the Perfect Location for Family Portraits | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Choosing the Perfect Location for Family Portraits | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

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With spring right around the corner, many of you may be thinking about updating your family portraits. Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a location:

Comfort A family session is a time for capturing the true personalities of your family. A time for laughing, being silly, and giving lots of hugs. If some of your family members are shy then you might not want to choose a very public spot, like downtown Savannah where a lot of eyes will be on you.

Personalities What makes your family unique? Choose a location that fits in with who you are as a family. Do you enjoy spending time in your garden or on a couch reading books? Perhaps you spend lots of time outdoors and on camping trips? Your location should speak to what your family enjoys doing together.

Convenience Take each member of your family into consideration. What are their ages and needs? If you have two toddlers that might need to use a bathroom at any time, then a remote spot may not be the best idea. Also consider drive time, as outdoor locations are usually done within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Will the location interfere with dinner or bedtimes?

Here are a few location ideas to help your narrow down your selections:

In the City For a more modern feel to your images you could get out in the city using interesting buildings, chunky steps, or a funky alley way as your backdrop. Savannah is perfect due to its incredible architecture – there are tons of textures, colors, and beautiful outdoor scenery that make it a worthwhile spot.

In Nature If you’re looking for a calm, natural setting then choose an outdoor location. Parks, empty lots, wooded areas, and beaches make for beautiful, serene backdrops.

In Studio If you’re looking for a more private setting where you can use props and backdrops, then a studio session might be more for you. Studio sessions tend to pair well with more traditional posing styles and often clients opt to “dress up” for studio family sessions, breaking out gorgeous dresses and suits to provide an elegant, elevated look that is classic and timeless.

At Home Sometimes the best shots can be taken right at home! Get your family outside in the garden or setup your living room for a classic look and feel. Another option is relaxed and fun “Day in the Life” sessions, where a photographer photographs your family in a more photojournalistic style, documenting the everyday hum of your family.

As you start preparing for your upcoming family session and deciding on what location you might like to use, be sure to reach out early to whatever photographer you’re considering to ensure you snag a spot on their calendar! Here at MMP, we are currently booking into April and beyond. Please call the studio at 912.200.5284 for more information.


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