Cake Smash Sessions | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Cake Smash Sessions | Richmond Hill Child Photographer

Organizing a cake smash photography session to mark your child’s birthday is such an adorable way to capture this special moment in their lives, but it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re thinking about scheduling a cake smash session, here are a few helpful tips!

twinkle twinkle cake smash

Choose a photographer that has worked with children before. A photographer that has experience with children will know how to get the best shots and how to make your little one feel at ease. Lucky for you, here at MMP we’ve had almost 12 years of experience working with kiddos of all ages!

A little practice never hurts. For some children, a cake smash session can be quite overwhelming. It is common for babies to be unsure what to do with a cake, and others are not huge fans of a cake’s textures. So it is wise to introduce your child to cake or cupcakes before the big day.

Use a theme. If your child has a favorite toy, book, or food, planning the cake smash session around this can really bring your session to life. Other families will choose a theme or colors that match their baby’s nursery. Popular themes for girls include: princess, flowers, boho, food related (donuts, ice cream), shades of pink and purple. Popular themes for boys include: camping/wilderness, sports, food (cookies, spaghetti), jungle, shades of blue.

Choose your cake carefully. When you order your cake, opt for a small to medium sized cake and choose whipped or butter cream instead of fondant as this can be quite difficult for a small child to break. Vanilla cake looks more … umm, flattering smeared on your child’s face than chocolate, lol. Avoid too much red frosting for the same reason. And of course, make sure your child doesn’t have any allergies. When you book your session with MMP, we provide the cake for your baby’s session. We have worked with Ates’ Bakes & Cakes for years and have this process down to a T! Leslie and I work closely together to ensure your vision comes to life!

Here are a few additional tips on items we recommend you bring along to your baby’s cake smash:
1. Change of clothes for you and baby. Yes, sometimes our parents leave covered in cake, so it’s best to bring a change of clothes just in case.
2. Wet wipes. This is probably something you already have in your diaper bag, but it’s good to bring an extra pack. Many of our clients opt to use the bathtub we have here at the studio, which makes cleanup a breeze!
3. Room temperature cake. If you’ve ordered a cake, make sure it is room temperature before the session begins. This will make the cake and frosting easier for your baby to dive into. With MMP, Leslie often delivers the cake the day of your baby’s session so not only is it fresh, but already at the perfect temperature for your little one.
4. Backdrop/decor. Make sure to find out from your photographer how much you need to supply. With MMP, the cake and decor are included. One less thing for you to worry about!
5. Someone to watch siblings. It’s best to leave older siblings at home so there are less distractions. If older kiddos are in tow, we recommend bringing along another set of hands to help watch them.

Cake smashes are such a wonderful way to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday and are among some of our favorite sessions to do here at the studio. We love to help you create a one-of-a-kind experience! If you’d like more information, give us a call at 912.200.5284 or shoot us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

warmly, megan


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