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Why Your Images Should Be Printed By a Pro | Richmond Hill Family Photographer

The shift to digital photography happened years ago and it certainly isn’t going anywhere. There is no doubt we take more pictures than ever before, and those images are almost solely stored on our phone and computers. And with so many pictures to go through they are often quickly forgotten about. There is a place for the 1-hour print labs, but for your most important memories, using a professional photographer and his/her lab is the way to go. Here’s a few reasons why:

#1 All the print options
Long gone are the days where your only option was a flimsy print that wound up in a shoebox. Printing options abound! Want something printed for your wall? Great! Would you prefer canvas, metal, wood, or perhaps a traditional print with a gorgeous frame? Are albums more your style? Fantastic! Would you prefer 8×8 or 12×12? For the cover, would you select leather, canvas, linen, or perhaps acrylic? Preserving your memories in your style is easier than ever.

#2 Prints provide security
We all know that USBs get lost, hard drives crash, and phones become virtually useless after landing in water. Having your most important memories printed gives you added assurance.

#3 Your photographer knows how your image should look
You’ve spent good money to have your portraits taken and your photographer has spent quality time ensuring the best outcome, including hand-editing your images. Your photographer knows exactly how your image should look. Trust them. If you choose to print elsewhere, your photographer has zero control over the outcome.

#4 Trained professionals
Professional photographers work with incredible professional labs who have trained technicians. They have immense experience and monitor every aspect in printing your image. From monitoring the quality of the chemicals, performing routine maintenance on printers, daily calibration, and analyzing a photograph’s color and density, a pro lab has a true partnership with their photographer. You won’t find that with consumer labs.

#5 Quality matters
Professional labs use higher quality paper and printers. While consumer labs use printers that merely spray color onto paper, most professional labs use printers that actually embed color into the paper, making for a much longer-lasting print. This process also creates images that are sharper and more vibrant. The paper pro labs use is off the charts! Just hold a consumer picture in one hand and a professionally printed one in the other and you can literally feel the difference! Professional paper is thicker, reproduces skin tones more accurately, and provides superior contrast and depth.

By investing in prints with your professional photographer, you are guaranteeing images that are unique, properly printed with quality materials, and will stand the test of time. Here at MMP, we are proud of our partnerships with our professional labs who provide our clients with amazing pieces that will be treasured for generations.

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