Creative Ways to Capture the 1st Day of School | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Creative Ways to Capture the 1st Day of School | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Whether your child is entering kindergarten or starting their senior year of high school, the first day of school is always a big day filled with excitement for the upcoming year. Anyone can take a basic snapshot, but use one (or more!) of these ideas to elevate your back-to-school photo game this year.

Preschool & Elementary
1. Use lots of color
chalkboard and school supplies
Make a colorful sign with a fun back-to-school message or for older kiddos, let them make their own! Take pictures of your kiddo with their backpack or favorite school supplies. Colorful backdrops include brick buildings, trees and flowers, maybe even your front door.

2. Show the Goodbye Hug
child hugging parent
Capturing this sweet, tender moment will become a cherished memory.

3. Chalk Art
chalk art
Before school starts, take a few moments to draw some fun, colorful back-to-school art on the sidewalk or driveway. Your kiddo will love posing for the camera with their masterpieces on full display! Notice the low angle on this shot, too. 😉

4. Try a Different Angle
child from above
I teach this easy tip in my camera class, too – try a different angle! We are so accustomed to photographing people straight on. Try photographing your kiddo from the side, down low, or my personal favorite, from above. Find a shady spot under a tree or next to a building and have your child look up at you. It’s such a great shot!

5. Getting Ready for School
child dressing for school

Documenting ordinary moments was always a favorite for me to capture when my boys were younger, especially on the first day of school! Whether it’s picking out clothes, brushing teeth, or making their lunch, be sure to capture these little details – they are often easily forgotten as the years pass by.

6. Add Some Balloons
Balloons are a festive way to celebrate the first day of school. Have your child hold them while he/she poses with their backpack or back-to-school sign.

7. Get In The Photo, Too
child holding hands with parent

The day will come before your child will be slipping off to school by themselves (without you), so be sure to capture the moment while you can!

8. The Race to the Bus
school bus
Stand in front of you children or off to the side, grabbing some quick pics as they run to the bus stop. This is a great way to catch authentic smiles, too!

Middle & High School
This age group definitely doesn’t make it easy, but here are a few low-key options.

1. Out the Door
teen boy outside
While they might be “too old” for back-to-school signs (although I still make my teens hold one, lol), you can certainly photograph your middle or high schooler against the front door or on your front/back porch or in the yard.

2. With Friends
group of friends
Your middle or high schooler might be more willing to pose for a picture or two with friends. Aim for more candid shots rather than stiff and posed.

3. In their Parking Space or with Their Car
teen driver
Does your teen have a designated parking space that they’re allowed to decorate? This makes for the BEST backdrop for back to school pictures, plus it is already completely individualized for your teen, offering you a perfect snapshot into their lives at this moment. And teens certainly love their cars! Steal a moment of your teen before he/she drives off to school.

4. By Their Locker
teen by locker
When you head to school for orientation, take the opportunity to have your student pose by their locker. This is an iconic picture that everyone will love.

Hope this gives you some fresh ideas for your back-to-school pictures this year. Wishing your students a safe, fun, and exciting year ahead!

warmly, megan

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