Disaster Proof Your Images | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Disaster Proof Your Images | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Let’s talk about THREE WAYS to “digital disaster” proof your session images!

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We know that EVERYONE wants digital images from their session and we are here to help you keep them safe and ready to be viewed for years to come!

Here’s our top advice for storing and using your digital images from your portrait session:

1. PRINTS & PRODUCTS: Print what you want to preserve! Gift prints (5x7s, 8x10s), framed wall art, canvases, folio boxes, and albums are all great ways for your images to live beyond the computer. Additionally, if anything happens to your digital images, you have tangibles to hold on to.

2. SECONDARY DRIVE: save your digitals on another drive and put that drive in a safe or safety deposit box. This is a good rule for every image that is important to you.

3. BACK THEM UP: save your images on the cloud. Or Dropbox. Or any other online system! You will be so glad you did in case your computer crashes!

And BONUS: if you do all three, you can sleep easy! You’ve done everything you can to ensure you still have your images in the case of any issues that could arise!

So tell me… do YOU do any of these things for your images?

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