Extending Your Warm Weather Wardrobe | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Extending Your Warm Weather Wardrobe | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

It’s October which means that the temps are starting to cool off (thank goodness) and many people are pulling out their chunky sweaters! But what if you want to wear your summer faves just a bit longer?

Let’s talk about FOUR WAYS to extend your warm weather wardrobe into cooler months to add a more dynamic look to your session outfits!

+ Knee-high boots can always help you wear your fall-toned minis into the autumn season! They cover up more of the leg, so you don’t look cold in a shorter skirt or dress! Not ready for knee highs yet? Opt for ankle booties or any other close-toed shoes to warm up the look.

+ Tights under skirts and even shorts are a great option for extending those pieces! Go for solid black for a classic look or try out different tones for more fun and personality-driven style!

+ Add a denim jacket or cardigan to your summer tank, mini dress, or even shorts for a warmer aesthetic. Make sure that it complements the tones in your summer piece for a cohesive look. You can also throw on a chunky sweater on top of your dress for a great fall style!

+ Fall accessories like boot socks, scarves and felt/wool headwear will carry your outfit into the season with style! Wide-brimmed hats are very in this season and are a great way to accessorize your fall look!

Did you know that our clients receive an extensive What to Wear guide with their session prep resources?!? We’ll help you figure out what styles to wear, what colors to wear, and so much more! Email us now to book your fall session & we’ll get you portrait perfect for your autumn session!

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