Tips on Getting Your Pets to Cooperate for Portraits | Richmond Hill, GA Photographer

Tips on Getting Your Pets to Cooperate for Portraits | Richmond Hill, GA Photographer

Whether you want to add some new pictures of your furry family members to Instagram or you plan to work with a professional photographer, one question remains: How do you get your pet to cooperate long enough to capture good images?

Shooting with your pet is meant to be fun and relaxed, not forced, which is why we have put these helpful tips together:

1. Keep those treats handy

This comes as no surprise, but your dog doesn’t have a long attention span. Treats are a wonderful way to engage your pup. Just be sure to not bring along any messy or overly chewy treats or you might have to wait for the perfect shot.

2. Bring along a leash

If you know that your dog might be in a particularly uncooperative mood, bring a leash along to the session. Having a leash in your shots isn’t ideal, but this can be edited out in some instances.

3. Ask someone to help you out

Sometimes an extra hand makes all the difference, so ask a friend or family member to help you out on the day. This is particularly necessary if you are taking the photos yourself. Having someone else there gives your dog someone to focus on, which can make taking photos that much easier.

4. No first-time props

If you are planning to add props to some of your shots, make sure your dog is familiar with them. Want him to pose with a cute hat? Get him comfortable with the item in the days leading up to your session.

5. Weird noises work really well

Depending on where your photo session is taking place, your dog’s attention might be pulled in several different directions. Don’t be afraid to get a little silly and make weird noises to get your furry friend to look at the camera. If you want to avoid unknown distractions altogether, keep the location familiar or fairly quiet.

6. Exercise!

Be sure to take your dog for a nice long walk or run a few hours before your session. This will help to ensure your pooch is calmer and helps to release any pent-up energy.

7. Swap out the usual toys

It’s natural to think that waving your pup’s favorite toy around will get them to pay attention, but not always. Try swapping out their usual toy for something like a bell or plastic bottle.

Whatever tactics you and your photographer choose to use, have fun with it. Embrace the unexpected, candid moments as they oftentimes make the best shots.

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