{God’s Path} Richmond Hill Family Photographer

{God’s Path} Richmond Hill Family Photographer

Megan Myrick Photography | Savannah Newborn Photographer

The thing about paths is they are seldom straight.


My phone buzzed.

Josh will put the sign up tomorrow morning.

The next day, I looked out the window and there it stood. All I could think was, “That sign is in the wrong yard.”

For Sale.

For Sale.

Here we were, two years and two months after moving to Richmond Hill and I was staring at a For Sale sign in my manicured lawn, the early morning sun beating off the words FOR SALE like a cruel joke. Blinding me. Suffocating me. Stifling my heart.

How did we get here? How did this happen?

Two years ago and with five years until full retirement, Taran and I had a plan. A dream. A wish to retire here, settle down, raise our kids, make new friends, reopen my business and watch it flourish. Establish roots, create new traditions, run our toes through the sands of endless beaches along the coast, love our home and our neighbors, our church, and relish in years-long relationships with my clients and their families, their beautiful children. Clients who become my extended family.

In August of 2014 our world, at that point, crashed around us.

My husband’s voice choking on the phone, utter disbelief in his voice as he spoke the words –

early retirement.

With the drawdown of our military forces come cuts. A lot of cuts. Cuts that continue to happen, even today. And my husband, with over 15 years of experience and 5 overseas deployments was a casualty of this drawdown. Through no fault of his own my honorable, distinguished, hard-working soulmate was told his military career was over.

Talk about a sucker punch.

I’ll be the first to admit I cried. I cried until the tears ceased to flow and all that was left was wracking sobs devoid of sound. I was heartbroken. Stunned. Perplexed. And angry. So very angry.

I was angry at the Army, I was angry at the panel that chose my husband’s fate without ever meeting him, and I was angry at God.

Taran and I had a plan.

 A plan.

What was God doing? We didn’t deserve this! My husband didn’t deserve this. I didn’t deserve this. My kids, they didn’t deserve this.

Why us, Lord?

We had faithfully served our country for almost two decades. It just didn’t make sense.

After the initial shock wore off, Taran and I were able to gain perspective. A guaranteed retirement check for the rest of Taran’s life. Health insurance. Almost 16 years of experience, training, and leadership skills to move us into the civilian world. No more deployments. More family time. More security. A real possibility of settling down somewhere, creating a life. It was our time.

And so the job search began. In the end, Taran received more than one job offer.

Again, counting our blessings.

Taran initially accepted a job with a company that would have allowed us to stay here in Richmond Hill – among our friends, our church, our home, my clients.

With that decision came a peace that settled over our family after 10 months of stress and turmoil. We made plans (again, foolishly?) for our future, mapped out projects for the house, I began brainstorming new products and opportunities for MMP.

I’m sure you can gather where this blog entry is going …

The week Taran was supposed to leave for his new job training he received the 3rd and final job offer.

There is no doubt our faith has been tested as its never been tested before. There were days I completely questioned whether God was even tuned in to our frequency anymore. It felt like we were walking this path alone. I felt abandoned, cast aside. So many years of hard work and for what?

Taran ultimately accepted an upper level management job with Allied Barton, a national security company.

Based in Memphis, TN.

There were a multitude of reasons why, in the end, Taran selected this opportunity. Most notably, this move will allow our family to have more time together and that was the single most important factor. Our boys are 7 and (almost) 5. When did that happen?

To say I’m heartbroken about this relocation is an understatement. I won’t lie, I’m a little bitter. Having to pick up my business and move it for the second time in 2 years is daunting, exhausting, and scary. But I have my family – we are healthy, happy … and together.

If you have ever wanted to book a session with MMP, now is the time. I have two openings left in September, and only one in October. At this point November is full.

I know I will blog about this change in our life one more time before we leave, but I do want to thank all of you whom have been so amazingly supportive. My business is strong because of YOU. Your loyalty, your belief in what I do and what I offer, your willingness to recommend me to your friends and family. MMP has grown to levels I’d only yet imagined … having my own retail space, partnering with amazing businesses and charities, and providing me with lifelong experiences and friendships.

This wasn’t part of our plan. And while our life has been turned upside more than once this past year, I have learned that God always has my back. Our back. He has my family firmly in the palm of His hand. And each day I grow more excited about the opportunities that are waiting for us in Memphis – yet another adventure for our family to cherish, united in our faith, united in the strength of our love for each other.

Hold on

Here’s to tomorrow.


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