How to Mix and Match Frame Styles | Richmond Hill Photographer

How to Mix and Match Frame Styles | Richmond Hill Photographer

While it may seem daunting, mixing and matching frame styles is definitely possible and a wall collage allows you to enjoy many of your favorite images from your session. High in quality and craftsmanship, framed wall art pieces are a classic and timeless choice.

Here are 6 tips when it comes to mixing and matching frame styles in a wall collage:

1. Use pictures from the same session to tell a story. Images from the same session that share similar tones and colors can create a unifying theme, even if the frames are different. For instance, frame images of each child and family member or senior portraits that highlight their personality.

2. Choose your statement piece. Select the main image you want to highlight as the focal point and pair it with your favorite frame.

3. Same moulding/frame, different color. Find a frame style that offers mouldings in various, complimentary colors. We recommend starting by only pairing 2 colors together. Make the second-largest frame a different color from the first. This method can create a beautiful, cohesive look on any wall.

4. Experiment with different mouldings/frames. This one requires trust in your own interior design abilities (or that of your photographer), but it’s very doable! Don’t feel you have to make it all the same frame, mix it up by selecting 2 or 3 styles that feel cohesive to give your display character and detail. Pick your favorite frame style to be the large statement piece, then select a complementary style to pair with it. Or, select frames of similar colors, such as different styles but all in black.

5. Don’t forget the mat. Mats can be the unsung heroes of this whole process. By adding a mat, you can help draw attention to your images. Mats help anchor your layout visually.

6. Experiment with sizes and orientations. These are a couple more variables that can help your layout stand out and give it visual interest. Select an alternate orientation with a thinner frame to enhance or complement your main statement piece.

With a little ingenuity and patience, it is possible to create a timeless, gorgeous wall collage with different frames. Have fun!

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