Professional Photography Tips for Every Season | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Professional Photography Tips for Every Season | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

Every season has its own unique beauty, from the golden leaves of autumn and the blossoms in spring to the white landscapes in winter (well, not for us GA peeps!) and the green grass and blues skies in summer. Every season offers so many wonderful portrait opportunities so it helps to know how to take the best photos at any time of the year.

Use the best possible lighting for your photos

Taking advantage of seasonal beauty means most of your images will be shot outside, and it is important to schedule that around the sun, for best results. By keeping track of the sun’s schedule for the day, you can ensure that you’ll have the best natural lighting. Natural lighting will add more depth to your photos and if you take advantage of the Golden Hour you’ll automatically highlight your subject’s best features.

Spend time thinking about your wardrobe

While selecting outfits for your session, keep the season in mind and choose a color scheme instead of trying to get everyone to wear matching outfits. A color scheme makes it easier to look coordinated without being too identical. Stay away from the latest trends as they may not age well. It’s also best to avoid outfits that are really busy as they will only be a distraction.

Use a checklist/write it down

In order to eliminate any stress on the day of your session, put a helpful checklist together that includes your outfits, props, and the time and location of your shoot. Being prepared will help minimize stress.

Simple is better

When it comes to creating great portraits, the key is not to overdo it. This goes for everything from your outfit and your props to your location choice and smiles. A simple portrait can capture the beauty of the season, and the more natural the better.

Take time to choose the right location/background

Always make a decision ahead of time on the location of your session. Will the location coordinate with your home aesthetic? Will it clash with your wardrobe choices, or will it complement them?

Working with the seasons will always leave you with beautiful and timeless portraits that you’ll be proud to display in your home. Getting the basics right is all you need to create the best possible outcome at any time of the year.

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