The Benefits of Mounted Prints | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

The Benefits of Mounted Prints | Richmond Hill Portrait Photographer

With memorable portraits, you need the confidence of knowing that your investments will last a lifetime. Mounting your prints helps reduce the possibility of them changing from the elements and ensures there is no creasing or bending of your images. Plus, you will be able to preserve a long-lasting memory that you will cherish for generations to come.

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Extend the Life of Your Memories

We know our clients appreciate the time and effort we put into creating beautiful images. Why wouldn’t we take the extra step to provide them with this beautiful, professional service?

Here are a few of the many benefits of mounting your prints:

  • Mounted prints are more resilient to environmental factors like heat, humidity, and other climate conditions plus various storage conditions
  • Mounted prints are easier to display
  • Mounted prints are more durable
  • Mounted prints carry visual weight and allow you to communicate an artistic impression
  • Mounted prints offer a measurable visual impact

Mounted prints provide a sense of permanence and stability, ensuring that the cherished memory is prominently displayed and appreciated. It can also help preserve the image over time, protecting it from wear, tear, and potential fading. Additionally, mounting adds a level of professionalism and can turn a regular photograph into a piece of art, making it a focal point in your home decor. What’s not to love?

Lucky for you, here at MMP all of our loose prints are mounted on black styrene – a standard we hold highly with our Signature Portrait Session line. Popular print sizes for mounting include 5×7, 8×10, and 11×14. For anything larger, we recommend adding a frame or consider printing on a different medium all together, such as canvas or metal.

Ready to preserve your memories? Email us at or call the studio at 912.200.5284. We are here to help!
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