Portrait Photography Styles Explained | Richmond Hill, GA Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photography Styles Explained | Richmond Hill, GA Portrait Photographer

When it comes to hiring a photographer you don’t want to go with just anyone. In addition to cost and a photographer’s personality, you will also want to consider a photographer’s niche and style. If you want something more traditional you wouldn’t necessarily want a photographer that leans towards documentary styled sessions. This tends to be an overlooked factor when it comes to hiring the right photographer and understanding the different styles will help you select the best one.

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The Basic Styles of Portrait Photography

Traditional/Portrait Photography

Traditional portraits are classic images where the main subjects are generally poised and aware of the camera. Portrait photography aims to capture a person’s personality and the mood of either an individual or group. They can be formal for more professional images like head shots or maternity, or more informal for newborns, families, children, and high school senior portraits.  In traditional portrait photography the photographer ensures subjects’ faces are well lit and eyes are in focus. Backdrops and lighting contribute to the overall storytelling of an image. Traditional portraits are done in studio or on-location like downtown Savannah or Tybee.  This is generally what MMP is known for – classic, warm, and timeless portraits.

Environmental Photography

These types of portraits are the most common for business professionals. Environmental portrait photography captures the person in their natural environment and aims to tell a story by connecting those two elements together. Whether that is in the kitchen of a restaurant, behind the desk at the office or in a large forest. These images are planned out and often staged to allow for the surroundings to enhance a characteristic of the main subject.

Candid/Street Photography

Candid portraits are taken in the moment and are very similar to journalistic shooting. Typically the subject is not aware that their images are being taken and there is little to no interference from the photographer. Candid portraits are often common during events or weddings. These images tend to capture the more natural emotions of the subject and surroundings.

Glamour/Boudoir Photography

Glamour portraits are more stylized and generally focus on the physical appearance of the subject. These types of images usually have a team on hand and various lighting setups and equipment. Glamour shots tend to give off a more romantic appeal and it is the photographer’s job to showcase the inner personality of their client by highlighting their unique beauty.

Lifestyle Photography

Oftentimes confused with candid photography, lifestyle photography aims to capture families and individuals in real time with the intention of artistically documenting life events and milestones. Lifestyle photography is best described as “planned candid”  and is the most common type of portrait for editorials, fashion, engagement, and weddings.

So I’d love to know … which type of portrait photography is your favorite? If you’re ready to book your portrait session, please reach out.  We’d love to see if  we are the right fit for you! Drop us an email at megan@meganmyrickphotography.com or call the studio at 912.200.5294.

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